I can honestly say I have never been treated better anywhere else.

Douglas Pearce
Customer Review
On the evening of 3-21-2018 while on my way to Ft. Worth from Odessa I had a vehicle accident due to icy roads in Abilene Texas. I had to stay in a Hotel there in Abilene that night because the entire right rear tail light was torn off the truck in the accident. The next morning I got on line to find a shop that could repair the light well enough so that I could legally get back to Odessa. 4M Automotive was the nearest one to the Hotel so I went there. When I walked in I was was immediately greeted and began explaining my situation. There were 4 employees there including the Boss who came out of his office. They immediately began searching for a replacement, ordered it from a local establishment and had it delivered. While they were waiting on the light assembly to be delivered they pulled my vehicle in and began straightening out the body damage so the assembly could be installed. Once the assembly arrived they quickly installed it. I could not believe how fast and how well they did this. These guy's are great. I can honestly say I have never been treated better anywhere else. I was there less than 2 hours.


Quick and courteous!!!!! What else is there to say? I will return. - Jeanna G. (5 star review on Facebook)

Quick and efficient service.

Quick and efficient service. In and out in the same day. Very competitive pricing. A huge thank you to Nico Flashing for all of his help. - Elwin M. (5 star review on Facebook)


This is a clutch gone completely WRONG and something you want to be very sure doesn't happen with your vehicle!  VERY SURE! 

So how do you ensure you are not having an issue with your clutch when most drivers simply get in and drive?  What do you look for?  That is a question many of our customers ask us here at 4M Automotive Service in Abilene and one this driver did not.

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Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day! While today actually commemorates George Washington’s birthday, it’s as good a time as any to acknowledge the work of all U.S. presidents, past and present. No matter your political affiliation, join us in thanking all of our past presidents for their service as Commander in Chief. If you have the day off school or work, enjoy the long weekend, and to everyone else, we hope you enjoy the holiday anyway! Happy Presidents Day, from your friends at 4M Automotive Service in Abilene.

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